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When it comes to meeting your translation business needs, you can always rely on us for accurate, reliable, timely and cost-effective professional translation solutions.  We’ll work with you on an individual basis and help you choose the translation method (or combination of methods) that best meets your budget and project requirements.

Translation & Localization

Translation, Editing and Proofreading (TEP)* — This is a three-step process. After translating, the document is sent to a second linguist who serves as an editor. The editor may make changes and corrections to the initial translation and has the final say on these edits. The editor then sends the document to the Project Manager (PM), who provides a final proofread and quality assurance check.

In Person Interpretation

Using our In Person interpreting service is easy! Just log-in to our completely secure online scheduling platform, place your request and wait for your confirmation e-mail. Select from consecutive and simultaneous interpreters in over 200 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL), anywhere across the globe.

Publication Translation

Our translation services help in making books available to a wider population, regardless of the geographical and language barriers.The standard set by us, is the benchmark for other book translation companies.

Legal Document Translations & Certification

We provide certified translations for official purposes, adhering to strict industry and governmental standards. We offer Notary Public services when required, so that any government or non-governmental organization will recognize the certified translation.

Interpretation Conference Equipment


We provide simultaneous interpretation equipment rentals, translation booths, push to talk microphones and audience response systems.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with your special needs. Big or small, our goal is to deliver cost-effective solutions for any size multilingual event. That’s why we have expertly-maintained rental equipment as well as brand new equipment for sale, including:

  • Interpretation Booths
    When renting or buying an interpretation booth, it is important to ensure that the interpreter’s voice does not project outside the booth and distract attendees that are not listening to that version. We offer sound reduction table-top and fully encapsulated interpretation booths to perfectly match the available space.
  • Audio Interpreter Control Units
    It is all about getting the right system for your audience and event space. When portable systems are not sufficient, we supply audio interpreter control systems for use with fully-enclosed or tabletop booths. Each system is comprised of an interpreter console, a central processing unit and wireless receivers for flawless sound quality delivered in any language.
  • IR & RF Receivers and Headsets
    From small-scale multilingual meetings to large conventions, we have high-tech receivers and headsets that offer superior sound quality, flexibility and power. Our audio equipment is always easy to use, so your attendees will never miss an important message while trying to figure out how to operate their unit.
  • Portable and Stationary Transmitters
    When it comes to audio transmitters, we have what you need to make your event a success. Our portable (belt-clip) transmitters are well suited for non-booth translations and our stationary units are loaded with powerful interpreter features.

We understand your event is special and your needs are unique. To ensure the highest level of audio performance for your meeting, seminar, conference or tour, we offer the latest products from several top manufacturers of interpretation equipment, such as Listentech, Congress Audio, Williams Sound, Sennheiser, Televec, Bosch, Electro-Voice and ProLingo custom-systems.

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